Beyond the hype: The real auto jobs story.
Whether covering the latest UAW negotiations, a major auto show, or the closing of a local assembly plant, reporters repeatedly ask the same questions:

Level Field helps answer these questions through research reports, company-by-company scorecards and our Jobs Per Car rankings. To give you a better sense of “what’s at stake,” we examine how many jobs and investment dollars would be lost if Ford, GM and Chrysler were to operate at the same employment and investment levels foreign automakers do.

To help reporters move beyond automaker ads and other promotional materials, we:
Compare the statistics in those ads with other companies.
Examine the relationship between U.S. jobs and efficiency.
Finally, to help reporters who cover ongoing stories like free trade agreements or CAFE, Level Field examines how proposed legislation will impact jobs. While our retiree supporters agree that CAFE standards must rise, Level Field points out a term in the current Senate bill could close five U.S. plants making the smaller, more fuel efficient cars that CAFE is designed to encourage. Similarly, for reporters interested in the pending Korea Free Trade Agreement, Level Field provides market share data comparisons that raise questions about whether or not Asian markets are truly open to U.S. exports.