Together, we can set the record straight.
If you’re like a lot of people who are concerned about American jobs, you’ve talked to family and friends about why it makes sense for consumers to consider where the cars they buy are built—and how each automaker contributes to our economy. With recent headlines over buyouts and plant closings, many Americans assume cars are all the same these days. The fact is, they are not. Millions of jobs—and tens of billions of dollars in R&D; and other investment—are at stake.

To clear up this confusion, a group of concerned retirees formed the Level Field Institute. We believe the best way to promote jobs and our economic competitiveness is to make sure that car buyers who care about these issues have all the facts when they visit a dealership.

That’s why we have developed tools, including our website, discussion guides, and the JPC (Jobs-Per-Car) rating to assist thousands of people like you; people who understand the value of supporting American jobs and are eager to get others on board.